E-Mail Protection

Fight against Spam!

Annoyed by Spam?

A long time ago, e-mail was a very productive medium. Today, e-mail has become a burden as employees: a daily chore to remove heaps of spam from the relevant messages.

We estimate that companies lose at least €400 per employee and year due to the lower productivity caused by spam. This amount probably understates the real effect, since it only reflects the opportunity costs of employees wading through spam and deleting it. It does account for the resulting annoyance factor, or the impact of potentially deleting a good mail such as a new purchase order as spam.

Qustodium supports you in your fight against spam!

    Do you receive annoying Spam?

    Are you losing time deleting these Spam mails?

    Do you know that email viruses pose a threat to your PC and the data on it?

    Are you looking for a simple solution to recuperate your time and protect your data?

Qustodium offers you the solution you need. our managed e-mail services for companies and individuals (free lancers or private users) guarantee your return to email as a productive and enjoyable medium.

Our services in detail: