Protect your personal or family e-mail from spam, viruses and phishing

With Qustodium's simple, unintrusive and efficient e-mail service solutions, you finally have an easy and affordable or even free means of protecting your personal or family e-mail accounts from spam, viruses and phishing threats.

Your benefits when choosing the Premium E-Mail Service or the Standard E-Mail Service are:

  • Qustodium helps you to keep focused on your interests, and not be distracted by mundane e-mail administration tasks. We give you back the time you can use for topics that interest you, not topics which spammers want you to look at.
  • Unlike other security programs, we do not want to distract you from your tasks. Just think how often the background process of your anti-virus software shows you confirmation dialogs! Our services run so reliable and silent in the background that you are unlikely ever to notice them – except for the major drop in spam messages, of course!
  • Qustodium is always up-to-date because you expect nothing less -- so why should we keep telling you about every minor update of the security signatures?